it’s on days like this that one has an empty feeling when one can go nowhere and nobody comes. But it’s then that I feel how much the work means to me, how it gives tone to life, apart from approval or disapproval; and on days which would otherwise make one melancholy, one is glad to have a will.
- Vincent van Gogh to Theo (via man-of-prose)

(via thefallenlord)

top five lipstick shades? top five french sayings? i hope you feel better lovely <3


  1. oh damn I do love nyc retro red
  2. when people do that really dark purpleish color, I’ve never tried it but it looks a+++++
  3. blue ok
  4. can I say gold glitter lipstick cause that
  5. really bright pinks in general, man I can’t even choose

french sayings:

  1. "je m’en fous" (literally like "I don’t give a fuck")
  2. "ça a été, la journée?" (thing that a french stranger just said to me at the crepe stand as I was crying ordering my food) 
  3. french people say “coucou” a lot and I like that a lot it’s cute
  4. french coworker taught me “je me casse” a few months ago and I use it far too frequently 
  5. this is dumb but we learn in french class to say “je voudrais” when ordering food (I would like) and after actually living in france I found that people more often just say “je prends” when ordering food (“I take”) and idk, I like saying that instead of “je voudrais,” especially doing the “euh” beforehand, I like euh. (also a thing- often when you’re ordering food at a boulangerie or whatever, they’ll often follow up your first food order and say “avec ceci?” as in to say “anything else?” and that threw me because “avec ceci” translates to “with this?” and I had no idea what they meant the first time I heard it used- don’t ask me why the very simplest of french language interactions baffles me when I can write full on essays about philosophy in the language with no problem, it makes no sense to me either) 

thank you friend these were really lovely to answer