top five lipstick shades? top five french sayings? i hope you feel better lovely <3


  1. oh damn I do love nyc retro red
  2. when people do that really dark purpleish color, I’ve never tried it but it looks a+++++
  3. blue ok
  4. can I say gold glitter lipstick cause that
  5. really bright pinks in general, man I can’t even choose

french sayings:

  1. "je m’en fous" (literally like "I don’t give a fuck")
  2. "ça a été, la journée?" (thing that a french stranger just said to me at the crepe stand as I was crying ordering my food) 
  3. french people say “coucou” a lot and I like that a lot it’s cute
  4. french coworker taught me “je me casse” a few months ago and I use it far too frequently 
  5. this is dumb but we learn in french class to say “je voudrais” when ordering food (I would like) and after actually living in france I found that people more often just say “je prends” when ordering food (“I take”) and idk, I like saying that instead of “je voudrais,” especially doing the “euh” beforehand, I like euh. (also a thing- often when you’re ordering food at a boulangerie or whatever, they’ll often follow up your first food order and say “avec ceci?” as in to say “anything else?” and that threw me because “avec ceci” translates to “with this?” and I had no idea what they meant the first time I heard it used- don’t ask me why the very simplest of french language interactions baffles me when I can write full on essays about philosophy in the language with no problem, it makes no sense to me either) 

thank you friend these were really lovely to answer

1. You would never tell a little girl that she isn’t beautiful enough, you would never tell her that she isn’t worth the skin she was given, you would never tell her to take up less space. There is still a little girl inside you, she can hear you when you say these things to yourself.
2. Some boys will kiss you just so they can get rid of the dust in their mouth. Your lips were not made for this. Don’t breathe these people in. They will suffocate you.
3. Mirrors can cut you without even being broken, but only if you hold them the wrong way.
4. There will be darkness some days. But how else are you supposed to see yourself glow?
5. Airplanes take things away all the time, but they also bring things back. Don’t be sad when you see them soaring in the clouds.
6. Just because something is pretty, doesn’t mean it won’t hurt you. Flowers have thorns, don’t they?
7. Skin wasn’t made to define people, it was made to protect the universe inside.
8. Don’t forget the sky is full of light that is passed on from stars that have long since died. Their light has guided thousands. Just because they are dead doesn’t mean they aren’t important. People can be the same way.
9. Oceans can drown you, but you’ll never learn how to swim when you spend your whole life running from the tide.
10. Don’t wait for someone else to call you pretty for you to believe it.
11. We all bleed the same colors, we are all made of the same stars.
12. There may be nights when you want to sit home to drown in whiskey and Frank Ocean. It’s okay, but be ready for the hangover in the morning.
13. There is a difference between finding something beautiful because it is broken and finding something beautiful despite its brokenness. Never find calm in the way something crumbles.
14. Don’t fall in love with someone who has a voice like shattering glass. They will break your name when they whisper it and then leave because they are too tired to clean up the mess they made of you.
15. I will always love you, even if I am not there to say it.
- Y,Z What my mother never taught me that I plan to teach my someday daughter (via rauchwolken)

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